The turn….

The turn
The turn I took in bed
Thinking about the words you said
The turn I took towards you
Thinking about our life ,
Moments good and few
The turn you took away from me
As I shed a tear you didn’t see
The turn I took to move away
So that you could sleep
Come what may
The turn I didn’t hear
As your hand pulled me near
The turn I couldn’t make
Being embarrassed at the mess I made
The turn you made me take
Love your eyes couldn’t fake
I saw there and then
The turn around in my life you brought
Problems you solved
The turn I took with you
Wed with you
Beside you at every turn
As I learn,
The turn this misunderstanding brought
Has gone, for your eyes said a lot
A lot of truth,
A call for truce
The turn of time and tide,
when we kissed that night
An end to all my plight,
All the turns that night had in store
Made me crave more
More of you ,more of us
Just us and our turns
Your love, my love;
Not sure I deserve
But I’ll take a turn
Towards you
Because I love you
Because as of now
We take turns together
Forever and ever!


Pic Credits: Google


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