“If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.”- HYOUKA


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A recent friend of mine can make it more impact-full when he quotes it in fluent Japanese, though a less understandable, :D. Incidentally, he is also the one who recommended that I watch it.

Hyouka, which quite randomly translates into “Frozen dessert”, is a show based on 4 high-schoolers and their day to day club activities. This show is not exciting, it doesn’t contain a strong story line but what it does contain is a series of souls searching quotes and right on the nail personality analysis that will make your heart swell.

The quotes  of this show are exceedingly simple and yet hit home , which makes this show really relate-able.

Some are just casual personality traits:

“I don’t care if no one likes me. I wasn’t created in this world to entertain everyone.”

“I won’t ever be the best at anything. Or rather, you might say that I’ve stopped trying to be.”

“I find myself hard to understand sometimes.

and my favorite,

“I’m not stupid. I’m just too lazy to show how smart I am.”

Some are strange life truths:

“if someone didn’t have any pride, wouldn’t they also be lacking in self-confidence? If someone was free of greed, wouldn’t they have trouble supporting their family? And if people didn’t envy one another, wouldn’t they stop inventing new things?”

“A joke only lasts for a moment, if it leaves a misunderstanding, it becomes a lie.”

” “Expectations” are what you have when you have given up. Expectations are born from a despairingly large difference in skill.

“No amount of passion can overcome a lack of technical expertise.

Yes the circumstances these quotes were spoken in were not as dramatic as these quotes will make the reader believe, but, they leave you thinking about yourself and about those around you. It makes your heart long to be like anyone of the characters.

If you have a free day on your hands, just go and watch “hyouka”. I cannot guarantee that you will like it, but I can guarantee that many quotes which I couldn’t include here will blow your mind away.

Hyouka is not something you’ll find under “most recommended” nor under “most popular” but in the words of a teenager going through student life or just your usual youngster feeling confused in this world. 🙂



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