I am a sophomore at an engineering college but I’ve always had the trademarks of a writer i.e i usually end up liking Oscar winning movies and those screamingly long movies, that would kill a normal youngster by boredom. (that’s how I’ll die, by the way). My horrible try to be funny aside, i actually read a lot and have a crazy compulsion to find and complete anything with a good story. I also like a bit of premature rhyming.So, keeping this “About” section small, this blog or site or whatever contains or will contain,

  • my poems
  • my tales
  • my adventures(when I’ll have them eventually)
  • lyrical quotes( lines taken from my beloved songs)
  • book inferences
  • movie inferences
  • series inferences
  • manga inferences(I’m a true fan, wont put it under book 😉
  • …..bla(believe me, that’s a category)*

This may not tell you a lot about me but sure as hell tells you about this site or blog or whatever. I’ll take any view you take the pain to type from your respective devices, so feel free to write.

A free note, if you feel the sudden urge to contact me, like real me…. kill the urge first. if you still want to…. try writergirl107 on Instagram. if i confirm you are not a freak i may take it forward, who knows 😉








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